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Carimali 半自動咖啡機 (雙頭) Carimali Cento50 Traditional Coffee Machine (2 groups)


原產地 Country of Origin:意大利 Italy 

尺寸 Dimensions:722mm(闊W) X 497mm(高H) X 515mm(深D)

淨重 Net Weight:47 公斤/kg 

毛重 Gross Weight:63 公斤/kg 

電量功率 Power Consumption:230V 1+N 50/60Hz 3.150W

鍋爐容量 (2組) Boiler (2 Groups):11 升/

  • 2個蒸汽棒(2/3組),單熱水輸出和自動控制鍋爐儲水量和加熱時段;雙熱水劑量
    2 steam wands (2/3 gr), 1 hot water output and automatic level control for boiler and heating up stage. 2 hot water doses.
  • 配有1個大的不銹鋼暖杯器,方便用戶隨時拿到杯子;2/3組電加熱作為可選功能
    Equipped with a large cup warmer in stainless steel that allows the user to have cups near at hand.Electrical heating is available as optional for 2/3 groups.
  • 配有低或高杯組,自動調節劑量
    Available with high-raised or low groups with automatic dosage


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