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金茶王植脂淡奶 KamCha Evaporated Filled Milk



金茶王植脂淡奶憑藉着醇厚香滑的口感,長期穩佔香港茶飲市場,做出一杯色香味俱全、濃滑適宜的港式奶茶。 同時金茶王奶成為做咖啡,烹飪及甜品的最佳選擇...
KamCha Evaporated Filled Milk is the perfect choice for brewing Hong Kong Milk Tea and coffee, also can be used for cooking and desserts. The milk is famous at most of the local restaurants in Hong Kong for its rich quality and creamy flavor.

* 0% 反式脂肪 Trans Fat

原產地 Country of Origin : 馬來西亞 Malaysia